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Commercial Flooring

Ease your mind about deadlines. Our experienced team is equipped to handle time-critical projects, which has enabled us to become the one-of-a-kind flooring services leaders of Northwest Arkansas.

Our commercial flooring portfolio includes a variety of spaces: industrial, hospital, educational facilities, franchises, retail, supermarket, restaurant, consumer services, and government buildings.

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Residential Flooring

Commercial Flooring Services (CFS) provides “commercial level” work into residential needs such as: large scale home developments including installation services specifically designed for multi development subdivisions; we work directly with design consultants, property managers, contractors, and large multifamily construction firms. CFS can work from a blueprint or a flooring layout on a napkin. Whatever it takes, whatever your flooring needs, at CFS, we’ve got you covered.

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Let us take the pressure off your next project.

Designers and Consultants

Our showroom is your showroom. Use it like it’s yours when working with your clients. Our specialists are available to make recommendations about what products are best and how well they perform.

Show us your space, tell us your budget and CFS will get you the best deal possible for your money. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that you have the best product and have had a great experience. That’s what keeps our customers coming back.

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Custom Work

Who doesn’t want to be in a spa salon, high-end hotel, or swanky restaurant? Transform your bathroom and kitchen with custom tile designs.

Whether it’s a new home or an upgrade to your existing home, stylish tile tub surrounds are a creative way to add a relaxing aura to one of the busiest places in your home. Let us show you how to add flair to your lair.


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Skilled Craftsman

Who hasn’t been inspired by thoughts and ideas in the shower? Feeling relaxed and inspired from the start makes your day. Let us introduce you to the many ways to lavish yourself with a state-of-the-art shower.

Kitchens are not to be left out when it comes to adorning the workplace. Backsplashes with beautiful glass designs and intricate patterns are today’s kitchens fashion statement. Our craftsmen are skilled at creating beauty out of the once mundane.

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We've Got Your Floors Covered